Taste Test Tuesday: Berry Burst and Spring Oreos

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Happy Tuesday Everyone! Grab a seat at the counter and get a snack. Valentine’s Day is almost here, and the kids need a snack to take to school with them. We had a reader request that we try out some Oreo flavors, Berry Burst Ice Cream and Spring Blue & Yellow Creme

An Oreo is a cookie favorite for many of us. The memories of twisting off the top and dunking them into a cold glass of milk are coming back to us. These Oreos will allow you to create more memories. As you may have noticed Oreos has increased their product line tremendously over the years.

These Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos make you feel like you are eating some strawberry and raspberry ice cream mixture with pieces of chocolate in the bowl. Reminds us of Friendly’s Black Raspberry ice cream….childhood memories.

Spring is just around the corner and Easter will be here soon. Be on the look out for these Spring themed Oreos. They come in Yellow and Sky Blue Creme. There is no flavor difference in these. It’s the same great Oreo creme flavor that we love just tinted in Yellow and Sky Blue. Different color but same taste!!

Be sure to check your local stores for these great flavors of Oreos. Thanks for stopping by today, feel free to come back again. Hint: tomorrow

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