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10 Best Accessories for Your Instant Pot

Seriously, who would’ve thought that what kicked off as a little company peddling kitchen gear would blow up the way it has? It’s like everywhere you turn – from your Aunt’s house at Thanksgiving to the breakroom where you steal those last moments of peace with your coffee – folks just can’t stop raving about their Instant Pot. And honestly, it’s easy to see why; this gadget is like the superhero of cookers, right? But lemme tell ya, diving into the world of Instant Pots is a bit like falling down a rabbit hole. With a wild number of models, […]

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7 Ways to Unclog A Kitchen Sink

A clogged kitchen sink can be a nightmare. Here are 7 ways to unclog a kitchen sink. 1. Using a Drain Snake Using the drain snake is very easy. You can buy the snake at any hardware store or home improvement center near you. The first thing you should do is turn off your disposal and then remove any loose items that might be clogging your sink, like hair or food scraps. Once this has been done, it is time to plunge the drain. To plunge the snake down your sink, you will need to insert it into your sink […]

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Kitchen Tip Thursdays ‘5 Common Cooking Mistakes & How to Fix Them’

Happy Thursday Everyone. Today will look at some common cooking mistakes and how to fix them. 5 Common Cooking Mistakes and How to Fix Them This happens to cooks all the time. While cooking you may get distracted, forget an ingredient, or even add the wrong ingredient. But don’t fret, there are ways to fix the most common cooking mistakes and no one would ever know the cook had a mishap in the kitchen. Butter is too soft. Did your cake come out too heavy? Or are your cookies flat and crispy? Be careful when softening your butter, let it stand […]

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Happy New Year Family!

    Happy New Year Everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones over the holidays. We stayed home this year and enjoyed some time with one another. The holidays with a toddler is always. Snuggles was very interested in the wrapping paper and boxes.  Christmas breakfast was a highlight. Lots of food, laughs, and love flowing throughout the house.  It’s a new year and we know many of you have made resolutions for the new year and others are going back to their regular scheduled food regimens that began before Thanksgiving. If you are […]

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