Food TV Recap: Rachel vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off

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It’s back!! Season 2 of Rachel vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off. This season the cast meets on the West Coast with a red carpet entrance, ready to begin the challenge of cooking and raising money for their perspective charities. Each week one celebrity will be voted off with the winner taking the grand prize money for their charity at the end of the season.

Now it’s time to meet the members of Team Rachel and Team Guy.

Team Rachel

Carnie Wilson is a member of the pop music group Wilson Phillips, she is playing for Autism Research.

Hines Ward is a former NFL Super Bowl champion and MVP, he is playing for Hines Ward Helping Hands Foundation.

Kathy Najimy is best known for her role in Sister Act 2, she is playing for PETA.

Gilbert Gottfried, actor and comedian is playing for The Gift of Laughter: The Friars Foundation Wounded Warriors Program.

Team Guy

Dean McDermott is an actor, but is known for his reality show alongside wife Tori Spelling, he is  playing for Miracle Babies.

Chilli is best known as one-third of the R&B/Hip Hop group TLC. She is playing for Chilli’s crew.

Cornelia Guest, a designer, author and philanthropist is playing for The Humane Society of New York.

Johnny Weir is a three-time U.S. National Champion Figure Skater, he is playing for The Human Rights Campaign.

The first show got off to a great start, after their red carpet entrance and meeting their teammates, the celebrities had to create a menu, cook and entertain hundreds of theatre guests.  Each team had to come  with a three-minute skit to entertain their guests.

The teams did fabulous on the skits, the room erupted in laughter both times, however dinner service was a different story. Each team member was responsible for a dish. The bottom two contestants were asked to create a midnight snack, Kathy made hummus and Gilbert made another peanut butter sandwich.

Gilbert was sent home.

Be sure to check out Rachel vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off, it airs on Sunday nights at 9pm EST on The Food Network. If you miss the show, we’ll have a recap after it airs.


  1. So Gad Kathy Najimy is gone. That’s $50,000.00 that the PETA lunatics won’t be getting.

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