Taste Test Tuesday: Doritos Jacked…cheesy goodness!!

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Yes, it’s Tuesday and you know what that means. It’s Taste Test Tuesday. Now today’s post thrives from a conversation we have been having with some friends, we saw the Taco Bell commercial with the Doritos taco shell and we immediately thought about the different flavors of Doritos. Now, Frito Lay (Doritos parent company) has some amazing things happening with their Doritos line. We will definitely keep you posted on what they have coming out. Here are just a few of the new editions to the line.

DORITOS JACKED Enchilada Supreme

Mouth watering bag of enchiladas is what it is, lol. Really enjoyed these chips, they were filled with seasonings that remind you of eating an enchilada at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Now, we like lots of sour cream on our enchiladas so we decided to dip them in sour cream as we were eating them. Talk about yummy.


Opened the bag and you can smell the chipotle flavor coming from inside..WOW!! We knew right then and there that this would be another chip with a big bold flavor. The BBQ flavor is definitely there, so if you like BBQ chips you will definitely like these Doritos. Now as you noticed the name does have Chipotle written in it. As you bite into the chip you do get the taste of chipotle peppers dancing around on your taste buds. Imagine, hickory smoked BBQ sauce with garlic, onions, and chipotle peppers…that’s what it tasted like to us.
DORITOS did an excellent job on these ‘Jacked’ flavors, bigger chips, bolder flavor and great combination of seasonings. We look forward to many more flavors and the new line.
Just a Note: We tried the Doritos Supreme taco from Taco Bell. Oh my…..soooo good. Party in your mouth. Cheesy goodness of the Doritos shell and all the fixings of the taco supreme it was just tasty and we’ve had a few since our first try. Yum Yum Yum!!
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