Food TV Recap: Rachel vs Guy Week 2

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This week the celebrities met at Underwood Family Farms, where they were given the challenge of respecting their ingredients and the source from which they came. The teams had to act as their own farmers and the produce they intended to use. Each team had to cook on a grill in an outdoor kitchen. 25 of the farms employees enjoyed the dinner and had the chance to vote on each dish.

Team Guys gets to pick their main ingredient from the scarecrow first, before heading into the fields.

Teams head into the fields looking for produce. The farm is huge so the teams have to travel through the fields to find what they are looking for. Dirt, bugs and hot sun doesn’t seem to agree with everyone. Each person on the team is responsible for a main dish and side dish.

Dean helps Cornelia with her stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, because time is running out before they have  feed Rachel, Guy and the employees of the farm.

Team Rachel wins the challenge, with Hines’ flank steak being the best dish. The two celebrities with the least favorite dish had to compete in a blind taste-test. The secret ingredient was corn.

Cornelia decides to make a corn salad and Dean goes for a corn omelette. In the end Cornelia’s corn salad had some kernels that weren’t cooked all the way, so they let her go.

If you missed this episode or the first one you can check it out on the Food Network.

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