Book Spotlight: Church Woman by JJ Murray

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At 40, Sister Eve Reedy is the oldest single woman at Spring Street Holiness Church where she serves as the church secretary, minds the aging but beloved Pastor Julius Andrews, and endures stony-faced deacons and out-of-touch church ladies.

Eve longs to be First Lady to a man of God but knows her chances diminish as the years slip by and no men notice her Proverbs 31 goodness, holiness, and purity.

Enter Frank Kirk, a “heathen” white handyman and tattooed twenty-five-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps who drinks, smokes, and curses the bark off trees.

Eve knows that Frank is the least likely candidate to fulfill her dream of being a pastor’s wife, and though he plucks her everlasting nerves, Frank also plucks heart strings Eve hasn’t heard singing in years.

Bursting with humor, romance, drama, and healthy doses of spirituality, Church Woman proves that when it comes to matching soul mates, sometimes God has an incredible sense of humor.

(NOTE: This is the first book in J. J. Murray’s Sister Eve trilogy. First Lady debuts in June 2021, and Church Mother debuts in July 2021.)

Publication Date: May 17, 2021

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