Book Blitz: My Cry to God by Lucy Irving

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My Cry to God is the story of Olivia Johnson, a young Christian woman who struggles to overcome many great obstacles in her life as she searches to find herself through her faith. The events in this book are based on the real life experiences of the author. 

From a young age, she deals with mental abuse from her whole family, and physical abuse from her siblings. In her teenage years she is diagnosed with a life threatening disease that causes her to reevaluate her view of the world and her perspective on life. As she grows older, she finds herself drawn to men who first provide her with a sense of safety and security, but ultimately end up making her feel even more broken than she had before, but she desperately wants to find love. All the while she questions her faith as she learns one lesson after another about the world and her purpose. 


Lucy Irving is a small town girl who has dealt with many tormenting situations in her life. From being abused as a child, burying three of her children, conquering drug addiction, and so much more, she never lost her faith, though she struggled with it for years. Eventually, she found her faith in God. She soon discovered that her goal in life was to show others that with God, you can always come out of darkness.

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