Word of the Year: CREATE

Happy New Year Everyone! This year I am holding myself accountable to some pretty big goals, personally, professionally and spiritually. In order to help myself stay on track, I created my goal plan for the year, broke it down into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Having goals and a plan in place, I noticed that while writing my goals out I kept using the same word over and over again; so I decided to make it my word for the year. That word is… CREATE!


Create written and video content

This year I will create great and meaningful content. I will be intentional in what I write about, who I choose to collaborate with and how the platform I use to bring the information to you.  Here are just a few things that will be taking place this year. I would also like to know what you would like to see my create. Feel free to comment below or send me an email info@southernrootskitchen.com.

  • The newsletter will be back next week.
  • Taste Test Tuesday will have a video segment.
  • Kitchen Tip Thursdays will be on FB Live.
  • Interviews with health and wellness coaches.

About Southern Roots Kitchen

A writer who loves to share her experiences in the kitchen.

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