Took a break, but now I’m back!!

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Happy New Year!!!! I took a few weeks off to do more research and I was traveling a lot. Now that things have calmed down for a bit, or at least I think they have I am back to baking and writing.

I was asked via email why I don’t feature meal ideas on my blog, well one main reason is this blog is focused on sweet treats: baked goods. Another reason is that I write for L.O.V.E. Move Magaizine and they feature my meal ideas, my segment is called ”Kimberlee’s Kitchen.” Here is the link to the blog and the networking site. Check those sites for meal ideas or just email me and ask like some of you have been doing.

I am looking forward to bringing you more dessert ideas this upcoming year. I’m excited about things that are in store for me and my blog, including some guest bloggers, product giveaways and demos.

Stay Tuned!

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