Taste Test Tuesday: Pillsbury and Hershey Kisses Cookies and Cinnamon Rolls

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Good Day, Happy Tuesday!! We hope you all are enjoying your week so far. Today we are going to give you some sweet chocolaty goodness. Thanks to Pillsbury and Hershey today’s Taste Test Tuesday is about Chocolate Chip cookies made with mini Hershey kisses and Cinnamon Rolls drizzled with rich Hershey chocolate. Now we know that just made your mouth water. Imagine how we felt as they were baking in the oven.

Photo Credit: Pillsbury

The above photo says it all; it is definitely a ‘Family Delight.’ Chocolate Chip cookies have always been a family classic. There are times when you just don’t have the time to bake a batch of cookies or cinnamon rolls from scratch. You may be having a craving, the kids are looking for a quick snack, family is over for brunch. So why not grab some cinnamon rolls and cookies out of your grocer’s refrigerator section to have on hand.


Instead of the usual glaze that you would put on the cinnamon rolls, try the chocolate. It will award your taste buds. The chewy goodness of the cinnamon rolls and then to have the smooth, rich chocolate ooze down the sides of the roll, we’re getting hungry as we write this. The chocolate glaze really does taste like a handful of Hershey kisses all melted together. Who says you can enjoy chocolate for breakfast?


What can we say, it’s chocolate chip cookies?! Yes, chocolate chip cookies can me made with all types of chocolate (future blog post.) These were made with the rich Hershey chocolate. If you really love chocolate you can taste the difference between the Hershey’s chocolate and Nestles. All we had to do was break away the bars and place them on a cookie sheet (we used stoneware.) Cookies were ready in a matter of minutes. We ate the them while they were still warm and watched the chocolate ooze out the center when we broke the cookie.

So now that we have made you hungry, go out and try some of chocolaty treats and let us know what you think.

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