Taste Test Tuesday: Pepperidge Farm Carrot Cake Cookies

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We hope you all had a wonderful Easter. On Easter during dinner we were having a conversation about cakes and cookies, and someone mentioned Pepperidge Farms Dessert Shop Cookie line that came out a few months ago. While talking about the the new cookies we decided that we would have them on the blog this week.


These are a very soft cookie. The orange cookie is filled with nuts, pieces of carrots and white chocolate. A great snack idea, but beware you can eat the whole bag in one sitting; we did.


Some may ask if this really tastes like carrot cake….Yes, it does but it’s not as intense of a flavor as you may think. We had some this morning with our coffee and then again as a dessert after lunch.

Try them out and let us know what you think. What do you think of cakes being made into cookie flavors?


  1. Not up to the usual Pepperidge Farm standards. First off, I dislike overly soft cookies that are more like cake than cookies. To top it off, these cookies have a very distinct un-carrot-cake taste and unpleasant aftertaste that hints preservative overload. Very disappointing.

  2. I like carrot cake and I like Pepperidge Farm cookies. Boy, did these cookies disappoint me. They also disappointed my husband. We decided to save them for our blue and gold macaw, but he was disappointed as well. As a last ditch effort to keep them out of the the garbage can, we tried one on our Newfoundland, who will eat practically anything. He ate it…but slowly, and, I think, out of a sense of obligation. I feel confident saying that he was disappointed as well. Please stop making these cookies.

  3. I totally saw these the other day and wanted to try them. I’m glad you liked them. Sorry your commenter didn’t at all. I still might give them a go! Just ’cause!

  4. Michelle M

    at 10:18 pm

    These cookies are disgusting. They are heartburn in a bag. I absolutely love carrot cake and they missed the mark by a few miles on this one. Pepperidge Farm cookies are usually way above average and this should be a store brand… Potentially Dollar Tree. If you love the taste of a spoonful of sugar mixed with pumpkin spice, more sugar and some unidentifiable chemicals… By all means, go ahead and buy these. Just being honest. Please take these off the shelf. Try red velvet, that’s harder to mess up.

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