Taste Test Tuesday: Entertaining Collection from Tastefully Simple

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Hello Tuesday, we’re so happy to see you. Sun is shining bright, sky is clear and the clouds look like soft pillows. We love the summer time, grilling with family and friends, spending time at the water park or the beach….it’s perfect. To assist in our many days and nights on the grill we have the Entertaining Collection from Tastefully Simple to feature today.

Entertaining Collection

This collection of some of their Spring-Summer favorites is great. Excellent collection for a get together with friends and family. We enjoy Tastefully Simple products and use them not just for entertaining but every day cooking.

Here is what the collection includes:

Entertaining Collection Cookbook

Garlic & Basil Warm Dip Mix

Orange Dreamsicle Cheese Ball

Giddyup Guacamole

Strawberry Champagne Vinaigrette

Tropical Pound Cake

Va Va Veggie Cheese Ball

Each of these products are great, my family really enjoyed them. We even made a fruit pizza with the Orange Dreamsicle Cheese Ball. Giddyup Guacamole pairs great with Tastefully Simple’s Blue Aztec chips. The Tropical Pound cake was delicious, you can make a frosting with the Orange Dreamsicle cheese ball mix or even slice the pound cake and grill it then add your favorite fruit compote and whipped cream.

Mouth is watering from talking about this all over again. As you can tell we enjoyed this collection from Tastefully Simple and we look forward to enjoying the rest of the Spring-Summer line. For more information check out Kimberlee’s Tastefully Simple site.


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