Taste Test Tuesday: Blackberry Bliss Cheese Ball Mix

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Spring time is here and I love a fruity dessert. When we first got the chance to see this product unveiling I was curious about what the cheese balls would be. I always get excited about the new products.This week for Taste Test Tuesday we got the Blackberry Bliss Cheese Ball Mix.

Blackberry Bliss Cheese Ball with Fresh Fruit and Twisty Graham’s

This great new addition to the Spring Summer line of Tastefully Simple products will definitely be a hit. A sweet fragrant smell of blackberries what you get when you first open the box and then when you mix it with cream cheese to  create a cheese ball, you have to lick the spoon just to get a taste of what’s to come. The directions say to let it chill for 2 hours, I’ll admit this is tough to do this time. But once you let it chill and give the flavors a chance to mingle; you’ll love it.

While eating this I started to have flashbacks of being in my grandmother’s kitchen in the summer time eating blackberry cobbler. I really do miss those days. I may to go search for some blackberries to make one this summer. I enjoyed the Blackberry Bliss Cheese Ball and I’ll be ordering more of this to use in other recipes. I’m thinking of a cheesecake, mixing it with ice cream so I can have some blackberry bliss ice cream, or even adding it to a smoothie or a milkshake. I really enjoyed this cheese ball and I’m sure it will be stay with me for the next few months.

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