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Cerebral Palsy and Me

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and I decided that I would talk more about my life with CP since quite a few of you have asked about it. I was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy at the age of 2. The doctors and my parents noticed that something just wasn’t quite right, my development was delayed. Usually by the time a child turns two they are walking, well it comes to me, I was just crawling. This took a toll on my parents, they were informed that they have a special needs child. — Continue>

Conversations At The Kitchen Table

We’ve made it to May, which means Mother’s Day, graduations and time to kick off summer cook-out season. Each of these brings back great memories of conversations I’ve had with family over the years. My mom came to visit for a few days and we started talking about traditions and events that happen in our family. It made me realize that a lot of the conversations that take place happen at our kitchen table, if it’s a big event it’s happening at my grandmothers dining room table. How many of your family conversations start or even happen at the kitchen table?

Conversations at the Kitchen Table

What do you talk about at the kitchen table?

Here are a few that happened recently while my mom was visiting.

  • Preparing ourselves for pumpkins pre-k graduation. What are we doing for a graduation party? The menu, what should we cook or if we should get it catered.
  • Mother’s Day dinner at my grandmother’s house. Who is on the schedule to cook? Since my sister and I won’t be there we wanted to make sure my mom and aunts had help.
  • Younger sister is turning 30. My mom and I are making this a big deal, my sister not so much as her son is graduating from pre-k. So we shall plan a party for both.
  • Me: Being single (this has become a topic lately) cooking for just myself on days when my sister and her family have their family time.
  • Summer grilling, what recipes are we looking to create, dishes we will make that we usually only make during the summer.

After talking to my mother I started to think about each of these, especially the conversation about myself. I put others before me a lot and I have started not to do that, while making this transition it is forcing me to look at what I want in life. Now I’m off to go cook something so I won’t over analyze any of this.