Surprise: I Got Married

wedding photo of kim and jj

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Have Ring Will Murray

I posted on social media that 2021 was going to bring about some changes. One of those changes was my last name. I got married on Friday April 30th in Virginia Beach, surrounded by a small group of family and friends. We decided to use the hashtag #HaveRingWillMurray for our wedding since it was a play on the novel he wrote called Have Ring, Will Marry. You can check it out on Amazon.

JJ and I met a few years ago after I read one of his books Until I Saw Your Smile. We would be Facebook friends for 2 years before everything started to change. He wrote a novel and had the heroine based on me and I thought it was so cool. I didn’t know that conversation about the book would spark a friendship that turned into love.

After two years of dating, traveling across the state, a trip out of the country, and 100 days of quarantine we tied the knot in April.

The New York Times decided to write about our story. Check out the article here.

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