Review: Tease by Aja (Sweet Spot Shorts Book 1)

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Charlie Fox works as a successful accountant by day and shifts to a devoted football mom by night … and on the weekends. Her son A.J., could use some more detailed instruction on the field and his new coach, Chaz, is happy to help when he notices the young man’s athletic potential. Unable to ignore the boy’s fine and foxy mother, Chaz begins to wonder if Charlie could use his help as well. He’s all for providing one on one coaching on how to play and win the game of love.

The Sweet Spot Shorts are all about quick, hot, romance that knocks each couple off their feet because love & desire must have their way. 

Knowing Aja and how steamy her stories get I thought I had prepared myself for this one….NOT!! Whew! This book is sexy. Charlie and Chaz are hot from the beginning. I understand Charlie’s reasoning for not wanting to get involved with Chaz, but self-care comes first. Chaz is definitely self-care.

A.J. is a cutie who just wants to see his mom happy and knows coach Chaz can not only help him with his skills but be there for his mom as well. His antics of finding ways to not be at home or to make sure Chaz comes to visit are adorable. As kids, we want our parents happy too, even if that means they are not happy with each other.

As usual I enjoyed this hot steamy quick read by Aja and I’m ready to see who’s story is up next.

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