Review: Roark (The Donovan Dynasty Book #2) by A.C. Arthur

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Denial and isolation…

International businessman, Roark Donovan has just suffered the greatest loss of his life. After years of being the leader of his family, he had to walk away from them and his business while grappling with the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death. Returning to the English countryside was supposed to be therapeutic and restful. It wasn’t meant to open his heart to love again…or lead to clues about his mother’s murderer.


Tamika Rayder has reached the stage in the grieving process where she’s supposed to accept what happened and move on, but there are still too many questions to be answered about her father’s death in a five-alarm fire. As an arson investigator, she’s the best person to pursue the case, except that with every clue she uncovers, her mother slips deeper into depression and Tamika fears she will lose her next. Roark Donovan is charming and attentive and the blistering passion that immediately erupts between them is the stuff that dreams are made of, but Tamika isn’t used to dreaming of happiness.

And when the past comes back to haunt them, Roark and Tamika must prepare themselves for the deadly inferno that threatens to consume them all.

If you are following along in the Donovan Dynasty series, then you are ready for Roark. The cover of this book gives you a clue that this book will bring the fire.

Roark and Tamika meet and neither of them is ready for the explosive journey they are about to embark on. As both of them are dealing with tragic losses, they learn to lean on one another. But when both of their lives are in danger , who is there to what over them?

Tamika thinks all she wants is just a physical connection with Roark, at least that’s what he thinks he wants too. Tragedy has a way of reminding you who’s in your corner and who’s not. A lesson they both have to learn when their past comes to visit.

As the Donovan Dynasty continues to evolve the suspense and mysterious storylines keep getting better and better. Roark is definitely a page turner, you may even have to go back and read a paragraph or two twice. You don’t want to miss any of the details.

When A.C. Arthur writes a book you know you are in for a treat. I’m talking well developed characters, vivid scenery, intense intimacy, mystery, and suspense. As she introduces each character you can’t help but wonder what their storylines will be like.

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