Review: Love’s Required by Aja

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Camille “Cami” Douglas doesn’t have it all figured out. In fact, she is known for making a lot of mistakes in the name of living-it-up and following her free spirit, but this time she has bumped her head and broken her own heart in a way that has taken its toll. She’s done. Logan Graham, also known as “Angel” by fellow paramedics, has issues of his own, but his came from a 911 call he responded to months ago that still gives him nightmares and makes him avoid the people closest to him. Two people, each broken apart by life’s choices and circumstances, form a deep friendship because of one’s need to be saved and the other’s need to be hero. Both have to learn to use LOVE to heal old wounds and to redeem their battered souls.This is the first book in the Love & Redemption series however, I Am Yours will provide context into the cast of characters.

Cami and Logan are the two friends that have that you really want them to get their lives together so they can be together but things don’t always go as planned. I’ve been waiting on Logan’s story, his vibe is mysterious but sexy.I was glad to see how things would turn out between him and Camii.

Before I continue with Logan and Cami, lets talk about Jay’s raggedy tail. This man knew he was pursuing another woman (and continued to go after others) while being married. That doesn’t put all the blame on him because Cami knew he was married, so she’s wrong too. Jay is a classic manipulator, but he just couldn’t manipulate his wife. In life you learn lessons, from your experiences and choose to grow from your mistakes. Jay or his wife aren’t ready to grow and move on. Neither of them needs to be married never mind married to each other.

Cami has gone through more heartache in such a small time frame than most people go through in a lifetime. This last incident sends her into a spiral that has everyone worried, even Logan.

Logan is dealing with some inner turmoil from a past emergency call. He replays that night over and over again in his head trying to figure out how he could have changed the outcome.

When you get a book by Aja you know the book is going to have you all in your feelings. Love’s Required makes you dig deep inside yourself and think about the choices you make as live your everyday life. Self-reflection and self-care are two themes that stand out in this book. How we treat ourselves plays a role in how others treat us. Logan and Camille take us along their journey to love one another but they also allow us a seat at the table as they deal with loving themselves and seeing themselves as others see them.

Actions and words have power. The consequences of both of these can be harmful or filled with love. Choose your words and actions wisely. Love’s required in your words and in your actions daily. Grab a copy of Love’s Required, get to know Cami and Logan.

I’m ready to see who’s next in this series because I feel like Logan’s partner needs a story too.

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