Review: Kicked to the Curb by J.J. Murray

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Should a man ever give up on love?
Interracial romance novelist Arthur Henry is a hot romantic mess.
Raised during the turbulent 1960’s and 1970’s, Arthur heroically tilts with the “windmills of romance” in search of the woman of color in his most haunting dream. Guided by his longtime editor and friend Melanie Clark, Arthur discovers why he attracts so many women who drop him like a bad habit.
A tender yet often hilarious mixture of fiction and actual events, KICKED TO THE CURB chronicles Arthur’s many loves and losses and proves that it is never wrong to believe in love—even if you never find it.

Meet Arthur Henry interracial romance author who just wants to live the life he writes about in his novels. He has a novel due to his editor and he just can’t get his creative juices to flow properly. After really thinking about what he wanted to write about he tells his friend and editor, Melanie Clark, that he wants the romance novel to be about him and his previous dating life of being ‘Kicked to the Curb’;  but she’s not quite sure this ‘romance novel’ will work.

Melanie Clark enjoys life as an editor for a publishing company. She has met many different authors and enjoys life in the city. Throughout her career, she has built an amazing and fulfilling friendship with Arthur. She has daily conversations with him about his work and sometimes things get a little personal.

Arthur is one of those people who wears his heart on his sleeve. As he’s writing his romance novel and sharing his quirky mishaps and dating adventures he starts to learn more about the woman Melanie really is. The more he learns the more he wants to know about this chocolate beauty that continues to intrigue him.

As Arthur continues to write his novel, his friendship with Melanie blossoms. The daily conversations about his dating life and the women he was involved with have Melanie asking him what is he really looking for in a relationship. Deciding to give it his all Arthur tells Melanie how he really feels about her, but what happens when Arthur finds out a secret about Melanie that he never knew. Will change how he feels about her?

This romance novel will make you cry and laugh. There are so many scenes in the book that are familiar and some so familiar because they are real. As you read the book from cover to cover (some secrets are let out before the story begins) you will see how hard some people have to work at finding their soul mate.

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