Review: Journey by JJ Murray

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In the Age of Unreason when mankind turns off the lights and turns on the dark, heroes rise up to bring the earth back into the light …

JOURNEY is the saga of twelve of the most unlikely heroes, the greatest of whom is a warrior woman named Journey, who leaves The Trail in the Eastern Disputed Lands for the post-apocalyptic horrors of the American Midwest to save as many children as she can from two brutal and heartless regimes.

Epic in scope, full of high adventure, and told with meticulous realism and romantic warmth, JOURNEY proves that only love can re-conquer the world.

JJ Murray decided that he was going to just flip the whole table and give us an epic that will blow our minds. Journey is not the usual interracial romance that we see from Mr. Murray. This book will have you thinking about life after the world ends. The scenes in the book are so realistic that if you’ve ever visited them in before you can see how they would end up the way they do in this book.

Journey goes on a journey of discovery. While she’s fighting to stay alive she meets some kids, inherits them as her own while also crossing paths of Dirk and Iowa. Together they are all learning a new way of life and way to stick together as a family.

Now I am curious because there was some flirting going on with Journey and a certain gentleman (read the book to find out who.) This has me thinking that JJ may continue this storyline in another book. We’ll see. He’s not known for writing series but maybe this will be the first.

Journey is available from Amazon on Kindle Unlimited.

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