Review: Have Ring, Will Marry by JJ Murray

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When Ainsley Bruce decides to find a wife, he buys the engagement ring first. He knows he is doing romance backwards, but at 45, he feels he has no choice.

Ainsley experiences the fury, contempt, and scorn of hundreds of women online until three astonishing women come into his life—and turn his life every which way and loose:

*Atlanta belle Madeline “Maddy” Bledsoe, executive VP for Delta Airlines, a force of nature in the boardroom and the bedroom.

*Internationally known Brooklyn artist Indya, a mystical sapiosexual who thrives on books, intelligence, and unexpected erotic moments.

*Bostonian Asha Peters, travel and food writer for Tour Noir magazine, who craves adventure and cooking in the kitchen and in bed.

Full of joyous humor, deep drama, and steamy sexual encounters, HAVE RING, WILL MARRY proves that sometimes moving backwards is the best way to travel the road to true love.

This was a very fun read for me. Ainsley had me laughing from the very beginning. I can only imagine the look on the store clerks face.

I really enjoyed how all three women were very different. You could tell them apart and they each were actually interested in Ainsley.

Maddie the diva. I loved her and so wanted to see the inside of that condo…OMG!!

Indya the artist. Whew!!! I will never think about paint night the same again and that poem…LISTEN!!

Asha the traveling foodie. The couch and the shower….OH MY!!

Clyde is a riot. Him and those dogs are too funny. Sasha enjoyed her time with them.

Have Ring, Will Marry is a sexy, passion and funny read. JJ added some spice and sexy sauce to this book. The romance is there filled with the comedy we know he’ll bring. This time he took it another step up and let his imagination soar.

Grab yourself some ice water to cool down while reading. But also get you some snacks and wine, you will enjoy it.

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