Review: Good Old Soul by Aja

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If I were to tell you I wrote a story about a May/December love affair between music and a saxophone named Her, would you believe me? I didn’t think you would but it’s true. Music has been here since the dawn of time. It’s been the melody of life, unfettered, free, and always waiting for us to-dare I say-tame it and guide it with our voices and with our instruments. The musician may have picked up the sax and breathed air into Her, but it was from the music, the jazz that was created, that love was found and where it grew.

Amina Perrin isn’t looking for love. In fact, she isn’t looking for anything. She’s got her yoga, her massage therapy and the community she serves, keeping her plenty busy. That is until she bumps into a stranger who may change her free-spirited mind.

Gabriel Slade is living the good life. Financially secure, nice condo overlooking the city, and the occasional “drink” with a beautiful woman—he has no intention on getting caught up, especially not with one so much younger than him, but here he is… getting all caught up and picking up a long forgotten saxophone he calls Her.

If you’re opposed to sweltering love scenes between two passionate adults, this book isn’t for you.

Amina and Gabriel are like the really cute couple you see out and about on a Saturday. He’s real mellow and laid back and she’s vibrant and outgoing but together they are dynamic. That’s how I would explain these two. It’s something about how these two characters blend so well together. Amina really does have a ‘old soul’ but she’s not so out of touch that she doesn’t understand Gabriel when he talks about jazz and musical instruments.

Gabriel is this man who has lived his life and is just enjoying his time. Amina brings him a vibrant side of life but also a peaceful and calming effect too. While reading this book I felt like wine should be sipped while listening to Najee’s ‘The Smooth Side of Soul” album.

Amina’s parents are a riot. I love those two. They would also make good characters for a book (hint, hint). Maybe something about how they met? Please Aja….

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