Review: All Things Come To An End by Jennifer L. Johnson

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“All things come to an end so there can be beautiful new beginnings.” Twenty-seven-year-old Destinee Clark learns this in more ways than one. After a recent breakup with an abusive, dominant man, she decides to give up on love to focus on finishing law school and building her career. A career opportunity leads her back to her hometown in Virginia—a place she vowed she would never return to after leaving for college to Washington, D.C. She meets Chris Richardson, who finds his way to her heart and changes her life in ways she never expected. Destinee learns everything in life comes at an expense, and nothing and no one is exempt from loss, illness, and unexpected change.Through pain and struggle, Destinee learns that some things are beyond her control. That when we are born into this world we are only guaranteed one thing, a death date. There’s not much else that can be controlled. Her journey through hurt, heartache, and disappointment stretches her beyond her natural limits, and she clings to the hope that she will grow stronger.

My Thoughts:

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, I must give you some instructions before picking up this book to read it.

1. Don’t make any plans.

2. Grab a box of Kleenex.

3. Grab a good bottle of wine.

4. Grab your Bible (you’ll need it to pray for these characters.)

5. Grab a bottle of Hennessy (yes, you need this too. )

6. Get out your good snacks.

7. Find a comfortable spot and enjoy.

If you follow these you should be good for next 2-3 hours to read this book; 4 if you had to stop and have a moment or 2.

Meet Destinee Clark, an HBCU grad, law student, paralegal and living her best life or so she thought. We all have those moments where we are on track to reach our goals but then life happens and things shift. She has girlfriends Stephanie and Kim along with her sister Michelle and twin Landon. Her parents are doing well so what could happen?

Destinee meeting Chris, seems like a coincidence at first but then you start to realize that it’s intentional. They are really cute together but you can understand her hesitation at times. Their relationship blossoms then the author comes in makes you need all the items I listed in the instructions. Which I’m pretty sure you opened a bottle during the first 5 pages.

Stephanie, Kim and Destinee, friends who are there to support one another through it all. Watching Kim and Destinee grow and go through life will remind you of your friendship with your BFF.

Kim and Troy go through some craziness. Destinee is there to witness it all and it affects her life as well. When your BFF is going through it you’re there to help see them through it.

Destinee’s relationship with her parents helps you understand the relationships she shares with other people in her life. But the conversation with her and her dad…brings out all the tears.

Well this book will take you on a journey just like the title says. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book. The ebbs and flows of the book has you wanting to scream, yell, cry, laugh, and smile. You want things to work out for all of the characters but then you realize it just may not happen that way.

So many’s lessons on love, life, relationships and careers in this book. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing some self reflection and looking at your circle and yourself.

I’m not sure what’s next for this author but I do hope she continues to write because this book gives you all the feels. The way the book ended leaves you wondering if it will become a series featuring the other characters. Nosy me wants to know more about Mr. Evans. How are Kim and Troy? (They need a book whew!) What’s going on with Stephanie and Mike? Is Shawn still around? Can we get updates on Michelle and Kevin? (They need a book)What are Landon and Erica up to? How’s aunt Regina and the kids?

I know I’m asking for a lot but this is what happens when you write so well and give us such well rounded characters. Jennifer, send the next book over when it’s ready.

You can purchase All Things Come To An End on Amazon.

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