Product Review: Ritz Toasted Chips ‘Dairyland Cheddar’

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I was asked by a reader to do more product reviews, which I think is a great idea! The first one I did back in November was on  Pampered Chef stoneware. I am going to try and do more of these reviews, hopefully you will like them. I have a few items to try out thanks to yesterday’s impromptu trip to the grocery store. First up are these Ritz Toasted Chips, my goodness these things are AWESOME!!

Light, airy and definitely crispy! They have the crisp of a potato chip but the taste of the Ritz crackers. While in VA visiting my sister I had the chance to try these. She had the ‘Dairyland Cheddar’ kind in her cabinet. I ate the entire bag watching television. LOL I felt so bad I went to the store and bought her 2 more bags and told her to hide them until I left. Cheesy goodness I tell you!! They are not like Cheez-its or Nips they are quite different, but oh so tasty! These are definitely a staple in my pantry and at my desk at work.

There are other flavors such as Main Street Original, Home Sweet Home Sour Cream & Onion, Wheat Thins Great Plains Multi-Grain, Wheat Thins Garden Valley Veggie. I will be making my way to each flavor and will keep you posted.

If there is something you would like me to review just let me know!

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