Life Happens

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Pay Attention

Life happens and we have to deal with it. A few months ago while working on some blog posts I wasn’t feeling well. I had pushed myself way beyond my limits for  a while. I thought I had learned my lesson earlier in the year when my body decided to shut down. Apparently I didn’t because it happened again. This time I knew I had to make some tough decisions. I have spent the last 3 months evaluating my personal and professional life. Looking at the way things were going and whether I was happy with them. One thing that I wanted to pay more attention to was this blog. I wanted to be able to write more, start including recipes again (most of you know what happened before), and be able to share more of me and my time in the kitchen. Little did I know my life was about to change that would make this a possibility.

I have officially been given a lot more time to focus on my blog, writing and cooking. The saying ‘somebody prayed for me’ is definitely true. As 2016 began so did my new journey, a new career with flexibility, a car ( I didn’t have one) and a list of possibilities and dreams to carry out. I’m excited about what’s taking place. My first few weeks took some getting used to but I’m on a good schedule. I had to take some time to pay attention to me: my body, my life, my goals. I love writing, I love this blog and my new career loves both!

Let’s get ready for a great 2016!!


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