Kelly’s Choice Cerebral Palsy Conference

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Hello my name is Kimberlee and I have Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. Usually when I say that and there is this look of shock that comes across people’s faces. Well on Saturday March 31st, I didn’t get that response. I can be in a room with people who have CP and/or has a child that has CP. This conference was organized by Kelly’s Choice a local non-profit that was started by Edwina and Quarry Wilson. They are the caregivers for their daughter Kelly, who has CP.

This conference was a day spent learning how others live their lives with CP and it gave us a chance to share not only experiences but also resources. For me it was a blessing. Knowing that someone else understands what you’re going through helps. In meeting such a wonderful group of people we decided to write an anthology to share our stories and give resources for other with Cerebral Palsy and their caregivers.
Something huge happened this weekend too. I was able to finally meet my BFF (Best Foodie Friend) and mentor in person. JJ Murray came to visit me for the weekend. He was able to come to the conference to not only learn about CP but he also signed my copy of Kicked to the Curb. He recently released Kicked to the Curb and there’s a reason why I’m so excited about the book. You see the heroine in the book is named Melanie, she is a book editor (my dream job) and she has Cerebral Palsy. JJ based this character off me. I was surprised, shocked and excited when he told me but I was also nervous. How will people take to having a heroine that has a disability? Will they accept it? It’s hard being accepted in real-life never mind someone adding you to a book. So far so good. I hope people enjoy the book just as much as I did. Arthur is a riot. I’m also including the link so you can buy the book on Amazon.

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