CP and Me: The Chronic Pain

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I post a lot about my life with Cerebral Palsy on my personal IG page. This is one of the pictures that I posted about chronic pain. So after this picture was posted I received multiple messages asking me if I really was 1 of 2, because they never ‘heard’ me complain about chronic pain or I didn’t ‘look’ like I was hurting when they were around me. 

After reading those messages I started to think back and various outings, locations I have been to with these people and I realized that in some of those instances I was counting down the minutes to when I could go home, take some pain medicine and lay down. You see we don’t always look like we’re in pain, in fact we not even tell you that we are hurting. I for one don’t want anyone showing me some pity because my joints hurts, or I’m having muscle spasms. Sometimes I say something, other times I don’t. If the pain is really bad, you won’t see me, I’ll just cancel plans and stay in bed.

While writing this blog post my hands are hurting and just touching the keys is painful, but this my life. I don’t complain about it much, I just deal with it. The pain is there everyday some does its stronger than others. My meds work wonders and I take them faithfully, different pain levels need different meds. I do what I can and move on.

So yes I am 1 of 2. Everyone with Cerebral Palsy doesn’t have chronic pain even if we have the same the diagnosis. CP treats each of us differently.

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