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Kitchen Tip Thursdays: Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen can seem like a huge ordeal. Some people even think they have to go out and buy additional storage units, baskets, and containers; when you can just use what you already have.

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  • Mount your potholders on your cabinet doors using plastic hooks.
  • Mount your aprons on a hook on a nearby wall, no more digging them out a drawer.
  • Store your dishes by usage. Everyday use, place those on bottom shelves within easy reach. Special occasion dishes put those in the cabinets on top.
  • Group all of your bake-ware together.
  • Store pots and pans as close to the stove as possible makes them easier to reach when cooking.
  • Keep storage bags and wrapping materials together for easy cleanup.
  • Store all of your lids in the same place.
  • Use dividers in drawers as placeholders for utensils.
  • Short on space, stash some items in wicker baskets or decorative mixing bowls on the counter.
  • Organize your pantry via category: seasonings, canned goods, dry mixes, etc.
  • If possible, use an over the door hanger to store small items like snack bars, decorative sugars, cupcake liners, etc.
  • Mount the kitchen phone, reminders, and papers to the wall instead of placing them on the counter.

These are just some tips to help you get organized in the kitchen. We’ll be sure to keep adding to this list.

I needed to re-group, re-think and get moving again!!

I had to take some time off from writing to regroup. There was someone who was in a networking/business building group with me that decided she didn’t want to do the work to build her business. Instead she took portions of each of our business plans and created her own, along with taking our recipes and posting them on her website as her own. Needless to say we were all highly upset about this situation. After a few hours of chaos, she was removed from the group and her site was taken down.  Why not just be original and create something you can be proud of? I guess some people just don’t like doing all the work.

I’m back gearing up for December’s posts. There will be ’25 Days of Cookies’ starting December 1st, each day I will post a new recipe for you to try. Other posts will be ‘How to have your own cookie swap’, ‘Holiday Desserts’, ‘Holiday Food Gifts’ and much more, so keep checking in.

Note: I will start the video demos in January, I’m testing out cameras now!!