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Hello August

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Hey Everyone!! We made it to August which means summer is almost over (I’m not happy about this.) But it also my birthday month, so that gives me something to be excited about. Since it’s my birthday month I am going share some of my favorite things and lessons that I have learned this past year.

It's my birthday month

It’s my birthday month


Things I learned:

– It’s okay to make mistakes, just learn from them.
– As you move forward in life your circle gets smaller
– No, is a complete sentence. No explanation is needed.
– Take care of you first and don’t apologize for it.
– Take some time to enjoy you.
– Date yourself.
– Being different is a great thing.
– Read a variety of books.
– Take a social media break.

Things I love about myself

– I’m happy with my body type, it took me years to get to this point.
– Cerebral Palsy doesn’t define who I am, but it has become my superpower.
– My facial expressions will tell you how I really feel.
– I’m addicted to books.
– I travel a lot.
– I’m spoiled and I know it.
– I love the bond I have with my family. I talk to my parents and siblings a few times a day.
– I married my best friend.
– I am quick to take a trip or go to an event by myself.
– I’m really passionate about writing.

One thing that sticks out about this, is that I don’t know how to cook for just two people! This is crazy. I will cook a meal and have enough for at least 5-6 people. I really need to make smaller portions, especially now when it’s just my husband and I eating the food. This is something that I’ll have to tackle soon.

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I kept getting requests for me to start my own blog/website about my love for baking. I finally decided to do it. I have always enjoyed baking and making different creations. Growing up I went to an after-school program that had a cooking club. I was so excited about this. Once a week we learned a new recipe and I couldn’t wait to go home to share it with my mother and my sister. Over the years I have spent numerous hours in the kitchen with my mother, aunts, grandmother, and great-grandmother learning all the family recipes. Watching the Food Network became an everyday thing, along with buying up tons of cookbooks to see what else I could learn.

As I embark on this journey baking treats for everyone, I invite along for the ride. feel free to comment and make requests for future posts.