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TS July Client Promotion

Corn and Black Bean Salsa has improved.

So I received some messages from clients and readers asking if I would post the client and host promotion information for Tastefully Simple not only on my website but also here on the blog. It’s a great idea, not sure why I didn’t think of it before but I will make sure that I continue to keep you all updated.

This is a sponsored post. Affiliate links are included.


Tastefully Simple does very well with providing their clients and party hosts with really awesome gifts and discounts. Each month they try to offer the host or client an extra incentive for purchasing our products. For the month of July the client promotion is the Corn, Black Bean Salsa at a discounted rate of $3.99 with a $50.00 buy (before tax and shipping). If you purchase directly through my website once you add $50.00 worth of product in your cart the system will automatically ask if you would like to add the current promotion. If you place your order directly through me I will ask if you would like to take part in the monthly promotion.

Corn, Black Bean Salsa has tomatoes, corn, black beans, green chiles, sweet red peppers, vinegar, cilantro, garlic and chipotle peppers. It’s a great addiction to any dinner, get together or just eat it as a snack.

This is a product that I enjoy. Most of the time I’ll just open the jar and dip a chip in. Tastes wonderful on tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, or even with scooped into some avocado halves. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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Foodie Friday: ‘Cantina Bell’ the Gourmet Menu from Taco Bell

Happy Friday Everyone!! Today’s edition of Foodie Friday is going to be a little different. We usually give you a few of our favorite recipes and ideas for menu planning, but not today. On Wednesday Taco Bell made an announcement that they are going to launch a gourmet menu in their restaurants. We know what you are thinking, ‘gourmet’ and ‘Taco Bell’ just don’t seem to mix, but wait until you see the menu and it just might win you over.

The Cantina Bell menu will feature a line of bowls and burritos inspired by Chef Lorena Garcia; from NBC’s show America’s Next Great Restaurant. All items are guaranteed to be under $5.00 and will launch nationwide on July 5th.


The new menu promotes eight ingredients including cilantro rice, whole black beans, all white meat chicken marinated in citrus and herbs, fire-roasted corn salsa, guacamole made from Hass avocados, a creamy cilantro dressing, romaine lettuce, and pico de gallo.

Side dishes are also an option which will feature chips and pico de gallo or the fire-roasted corn salsa, chips and guacamole, black beans and cilantro rice; each will be $1.49.

Pricing is below for the two main items the Cantina Bowl and the Cantina Burrito.

Cantina Bowl: Chicken ($4.79), Veggie ($4.79), Steak ($4.99)
Cantino Burrito: Chicken ($4.79), Veggie ($4.79), Steak ($4.99)

Here is the breakdown of the new menu, provided by Taco Bell:

  • Black Beans: We use black beans, not refried, and add a Latin Spice Blend of onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder, with other ingredients
  • Cilantro Rice: Rice cooked in a cilantro seasoning that features onion, garlic, cilantro and parsley
  • Citrus and Herb Marinated Chicken: Boneless, skinless chicken breast marinade that features garlic, onion, lemon, cilantro and tomatillo
  • New Guacamole: Lorena-inspired guacamole made with Hass avocados, and blended with tomato, jalapeno, onion, cilantro and lemon juice and other ingredients
  • Fire-Roasted Corn Salsa: Super Sweet yellow corn and fresh red and green bell peppers, fire roasted, with our Latin Spice Blend
  • Creamy Cilantro Dressing: Lorena-inspired Creamy Cilantro dressing features cilantro blended with oil, lemon juice, vinegar and garlic, and other ingredients
  • Pico de Gallo: Diced tomatoes and onions blended with fresh chopped cilantro and a tangy dressing made with lemon juice and vinegar

Be sure to check out the the ‘Cantina Bell‘ menu from Taco Bell starting July 5th.

As always we appreciate your support and any feedback you may have.