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CP and Me: The Chronic Pain

I post a lot about my life with Cerebral Palsy on my personal IG page. This is one of the pictures that I posted about chronic pain. So after this picture was posted I received multiple messages asking me if I really was 1 of 2, because they never ‘heard’ me complain about chronic pain or I didn’t ‘look’ like I was hurting when they were around me.  (more…)

Food, Health and Life

I know you are all wondering what happened. I admit I went ghost for about 4 months. It wasn’t on purpose but more out of necessity. Life has a way of making you slow down, either you do it voluntarily or it will sit you down involuntarily. I know what it’s like to sit down involuntarily and since I felt my body going in that direction. I stopped myself before things got worse.


My health was going in a downward spiral and I was trying to keep up with blogging and social media, but it just wasn’t working for your girl. Everyday tasks are a chore for me. It takes a lot of energy and effort to accomplish everyday tasks. I started to notice that I was tripping over my feet and falling more than usual. I would get shortness of breath while getting dressed in the morning or even walking up the stairs; which is already a struggle. I was getting weaker and needed to pay attention to my body.


As you all know I love food, but I also love me more and taking a break was needed. While I was on this break I did lots of eating, some cooking and explored other cultures. It was a great way to work on blog material but not be forced to get a post out I managed to brainstorm lots of content for future posts and even took some pictures.


Things happen when you least expect them. My circle of support has been changing a lot over the last year or so. Instead of my circle getting smaller it has been getting larger. There are some people who have been placed in my life to help me grow and move forward with not only this brand but others I am working on as well. In order for me to fully focus on myself and what’s coming, I had to rest.

My resting started with a vacation to Aylen Lake in Canada with my boo. He knew I needed to rest and had been telling me to slow down for months. When he suggested that I come to with him to his family home I was more than ready to take the trip. I enjoyed my time away I got the chance to really relax and rest. While I was there I decided to finally start my own book blog, instead of always being a contributing writer or a guest reviewer. The Literary Courier has launched and I am very excited and thankful.

Ready to Work

Now that I have gotten some rest, and I’m on a better work/life schedule I can get back to blogging and producing content. Have an idea for Taste Test Tuesday, Kitchen Tip Thursday or Food Friday, let me know.

Kelly’s Choice Cerebral Palsy Conference

Hello my name is Kimberlee and I have Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. Usually when I say that and there is this look of shock that comes across people’s faces. Well on Saturday March 31st, I didn’t get that response. I can be in a room with people who have CP and/or has a child that has CP. This conference was organized by Kelly’s Choice a local non-profit that was started by Edwina and Quarry Wilson. They are the caregivers for their daughter Kelly, who has CP.


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5 Misconceptions of Cerebral Palsy

“Hello my name is Kimberlee, and I have Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy.” The shock factor on people’s faces when I say this is priceless.

A recent conversation with some blogger friends of mine had me thinking about my life with Cerebral Palsy. There were some comments made about how I live my life and how they didn’t know people with Cerebral Palsy could live a productive life. None of these comments were rude, they just gave me a chance to tell them that life with Cerebral Palsy can be fulfilling.  (more…)

Cerebral Palsy is my Super Power

That’s right, you read the title correctly. I have debated whether or not I would post the original article I wrote for She Knows Media on my site. I decided to just go ahead and share it. Often times people question whether I have Cerebral Palsy because I don’t look like other people that they see with this disability.

Every case is different. Just because we have the same type of CP doesn’t mean that our symptoms will be the same. I have Spastic Diplegia CP, it mostly affects the left side of my body. Others with with SD CP may have impairments with their legs or arms, it really depends.

So if you’ve followed me on instagram you will notice that I am back in physical therapy. No, nothing happened but I needed to go because my muscles are extremely tight. Being in therapy three days a week, you meet people and talk with others about why you’re there. My life with Cerebral Palsy has been the topic of discussion lately. There is a fire fighter there who has a son with Spastic Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy, all of his limbs are affected. We talk about treatments, surgeries, therapies and life. One things that sticks out is him saying he never knew anyone else with CP, so knowing that there is hope for his son makes him proud. Since hearing that I decided to share the article I wrote.

CP gives me hope, it makes me unique. I’ve had to learn how to walk again so many times. Surgery after surgery, doctors visits, therapy sessions but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Going through all that made me who I am. Each day I live I will share my story and encourage others to keep going.

Cerebral Palsy really is my SUPER POWER!!