31 Days of Wellness with The Whole Core

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Hello everyone, today I want to introduce to you to my friend Dana’s health and wellness business called The Whole Core. Dana shares tips about being healthy and being whole as a person. This isn’t one of those sites that bashes you for eating meat or binge eating on junk food. Dana provides practical tips to make simple yet valuable lifestyle changes. I had the opportunity to take part in one of her Detoxification Journey’s, that in itself was amazing.

For the next 31 days Dana will be providing tips on creating a fresh outlook for 2017 on the The Whole Core’s Facebook page. Be sure to stop by and ‘Like’ her page so you don’t miss out on some great information. Here are some of the topics she will cover.

  • Self Love
  • Loving and Appreciating Your Body
  • Eating without Guilt
  • Exercising and Moving Your Body
  • Learning to Love Your Career
  • Practicing the Art of Meditation


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